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What's in a name?

Our names express more than sounds and syllables, they represent experience, memory, emotion and a license to approach life with bold creativity. At least this is what Wilberforce believes, and attempts to bring to bear in the characters and topics that form the touchstones of his novels.

As a philosopher, he takes great pride in levelling curious challenge against such concepts as "the norm" and, as an author, seeks to display his thought-provoking narrative upon the canvass of his pages. People, and the way in which they inhabit their time, are the essence of his writing style, and ensuring that authentic voices are heard by the reader is a pivotal focus.

One overarching mantra that Wilberforce fiercely champions is to always live for the present, rather than the past or the future.

As a great friend of his once said: "Life will be best enjoyed when its rhythm is allowed to run away with you..."

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