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Wilberforce has always found words to hold an irresistible mystery - exploring, capturing, and applying phrases in every aspect of his life. Stories, and the way in which people tell them, have underpinned group dynamics and supported greater understandings of the self for thousands of years. 

As he develops his career as an author, you can find his part in this living history of humanity by delving into his developing portfolio below.


11 November 2021

"At 0730, our guns opened a terrific fire on the enemy’s trenches. Neuve Chapelle and Aubers. For three quarters of an hour this lasted – the roar and noise was extraordinary.” Lieutenant Keith Furze, Wednesday 10 March 1915. 

Furze: Sweethearts and Swan Songs is B.D. Wilberforce's first novel, and a roaring introduction to his literary aspirations. Based on the hand-written diary that his great-grandfather, Lieutenant Keith Furze, kept during World War One, the novel is an insight into the experiences and emotions of a young British Officer on the Western Front. Although based on memories from over 100 years ago, it is a stark reminder that, sometimes, one’s pain is so great and one’s emotions so tumultuous that the only way to overcome them is to remain fiercely optimistic in the face of adversity.

From the Battle of Festubert to the dance halls of the Ritz, follow his youthful heart as it faces the depths of personal loss and the peaks of a first kiss.

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